Uttarakhand Deoriatal trek

Deoriatal, at an altitude of 2,438 Mtrs, is a calm and serene lake famous for its mesmerizing reflections of Chaukhamba Range in the crystal clear water. In the night, the density of stars on offer in the sky is such large that it makes you forget everything else.


Let us check this complete travel guide for planning a trip to Deoria Tal lake in the Garhwal region of Uttarakhand.

Ukhimath is located about 8-10 km from Kund. Ukhimath holds extreme importance in Uttarakhand because the deity of Kedarnath is shifted in winters here.

Deoria Tal location

Deoria Tal is located at a trekking distance of about 2 km from Sari Village and comes under Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand. Sari Village is located about 13 km ahead of Ukhimath.


The altitude of Deoria Tal is about 2,438 meters or 7,435 feet and offers some amazing views of the Himalayan mountains.

deorital Uttarakhand

What is the best time to visit deoria tal

The best time to visit Deoriatal is from March to May and October to November. In winters, i.e., December – January, when the snowfall starts, the nights at Deoria Tal are extremely chilly and is only advisable if you are OK with surviving temperatures well below freezing point. Even June – July is hot when the sun is out but shades and night are a bit cooler though.


Monsoon season is generally not a suggested time period to visit the region of Chopta – Tunganath – Chandrashilla – Deori Tal due to landslides which are common in Garhwal.


In the winter season, you can easily get to see snowfall on the Deoriatal trek or around the Deoriatal lake. So, if you want to have some fun playing in snow then head out to Deoriatal – Chopta region in January to March.

How to reach deoria tal

By Air
The nearest airport is Jolly Grant, Bhaniawala, Dehradun, 41 km from Haridwar. After reaching Haridwar, you need to carry the rest of the journey by road only. Haridwar to Chopta is about 225 km by road.

By Rail

The nearest railway station is at Haridwar. After reaching Haridwar, you need to carry the rest of the journey by road only. Haridwar to Chopta is about 225 km by road.

By Road

Please note that you can only travel from Delhi to Sari Village, which is the base village of Deoriatal trek. After reaching Sari village, you need to trek the remaining 2 km to reach the lake. You can pretty much do this trek as a beginner without any guide. There is a well-paved track to the top.

Delhi – Haridwar (212 km) – Rishikesh – Dev Prayag – Srinagar – Rudra Prayag (take left towards Kedarnath) – Agustmuni – Syal Saur – Kund – Ukhimath – Sari Village (415 km) – Deoria Tal

One needs to drive about 12 km to Sari Village from Ukhimath, and from Sari Village, one can reach Deoriatal by a trek route of 2 km approx. There is no motorable road to Deoria Tal. The trek is a paved path from Sari Village up to Deoria Tal, although it is quite steep at some places.

Important places around deoria tal

1- Syal Saur to Ukhimath is 17-18 km approx. Syal Saur comes first even before Kund when going towards Ukhimath from Delhi.


2- Kund is the bifurcation point where left turn goes to Guptkashi – Gauri Kund – Kedarnath and the straight or slightly right turn goes to Ukhimath – Sari Village – Chopta.


3- Kund to Guptkashi is about 25 km. Further, 22 km is Gauri Kund, where the road ends. From Gauri Kund, a 14 km trek starts for Kedarnath.


4- Ukhimath to Sari Village is 13-14 km approx. You need to go straight from Ukhimath, and you will find a board on the right side stating directions to Deoria Tal. Here, you need to take a U-Turn towards the left for Sari village – Deoria Tal. If you do not take the U-Turn and follow the road coming from Ukhimath, then you go towards Duggalbitta – Chopta.


5- Sari Village to Chopta is 32 km approx and Duggalbitta is 4 – 5 km before Chopta.


6- Overall Delhi to Syal Saur/Ukhimath/Sari Village/Duggalbitta/Chopta is almost alike, with an overall span of about 50 km. Hence, from any place, you can travel to Delhi in one day without much time difference.

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